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Hobbs and Associates offers a comprehensive range of services to First Nations and Indigenous communities. 

For over 40 years, our management group has worked to bring together teams of expert advisors to assist First Nations with addressing a complex range of economic, social, and environmental matters. 

We provide expert advisory and management services in the following areas:

Strategic Advice and Negotiation Support

Strategic advice and negotiation services for engagement with stakeholders, including Provincial and Federal governments, Crown and private corporations, and major resource developers.

Hobbs and Associates offers strategic advice and negotiation services to First Nations and Indigenous communities engaging with stakeholders, including Provincial and Federal governments, Crown and private corporations, and resource developers.

We have extensive experience and an excellent track-record as senior negotiators of Impact Benefit Agreements and Partnership Agreements, including partnerships with resource developers and joint venture business arrangements.

We work to ensure that our clients meaningfully benefit from proposed developments, while protecting those resources most important to the community. 

Project Management

From proposal development for new or ongoing processes, to assisting with the financial management and implementation of short and long-term plans, Hobbs and Associates offers a variety of solutions to ensure your projects are delivered on-time and on-budget.

Work Plan and Budget Development and Implementation

Financial Management

Community Research and Program Development

Community Programs and Services

Many First Nations are seeking to address issues related to the economic and social fabric of their communities.

Hobbs and Associates has a range of experience working with our clients to assess, improve, and/or develop new community programs and services, including in the areas of:

  • Community and individual health

  • Youth 

  • Recreation

  • Education, training, and employment

  • Economic development

  • Other

Environmental Support

Ecology and Biology

Land Use Planning

Environmental Assessment Support

Environmental Monitoring

Our extended network of professionals have assisted our clients with important environmental processes and initiatives for over 30 years. 

We offer Land Use Planning services for community's seeking to develop and implement systems to sustainably manage local resources.

We offer Environmental Assessment Support for those communities seeking to protect their interests in relation to proposed resource developments. 

We work with experienced biologists, ecologists, engineers, and others, to design and implement environmental monitoring programs tailored to the needs of our clients.

Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Land Use Studies

Traditional Land Use and Occupancy Studies

GIS and Mapping                               

Traditional Knowledge Environmental Monitoring 

Traditional Land Use Studies


We work closely with First Nations to collect and utilize their Indigenous Traditional Knowledge. This work is vital to the protection of First Nations' rights and interests in relation to proposed or existing developments.

By working closely with local knowledge holders, resource users, and Elders, our team can assist with collecting historical and present-day knowledge about land use in relation to hunting, trapping, fishing, recreation, plant gathering, and other important information.

We assist with the development of survey tools used to collect Traditional Knowledge, such as questionnaires and one-on-one interviews. With these tools, our team can help to record knowledge that is often passed down in the oral tradition.


GIS and Mapping

The Traditional Knowledge shared by knowledge holders, resource users, and Elders in relation to traditional land use can be clearly represented on high quality maps. Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) experts use industry standard technology to analyze and map the Traditional Knowledge collected. We ensure that your community retains control over the use of all information collected.

Traditional Knowledge Monitoring

We work with our clients to design and implement environmental monitoring programs related to industrial resource developments that are founded in local Indigenous Traditional Knowledge. This allows a community to assess the effects of a project on themselves, by utilizing their past and present knowledge of their traditional territories.

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